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Kooboodle MeFinder Hands-On: Accurate Face Recognition, Simple Interface

Many of us have, after a group holiday or a party, searched for specific pictures of ourselves on all our friends' Facebook profiles, only to realize we've forgotten which pal took that shot.

Kooboodle's MeFinder app solves that problem. It promises to find all photos with your face in it on the devices of friends who also have MeFinder, and then prompts them to share the images with you.

We had a chance to see the app in action at CES 2014, and were impressed with its effectiveness. Although we saw only a demo version of the app, due to the spotty Wi-Fi in a crowded convention room, Kooboodle's makers assured us the demo version has no differences from the final app.

What stood out the most about MeFinder was how simple and basic the app was. Users can choose to sign in with Facebook, or to create a Kooboodle account.

Once Kooboodle's rep, Bryan, entered his login information, he was given a quick two-step introduction by the app, then told to take a short video of himself. It took about 30 seconds for Bryan to capture enough video of himself from different angles, at which point we were brought to another screen to invite friends to add the app.

After that, the app brought up all local photos with Bryan's face in them. We were impressed with the accuracy of the images returned, despite the obvious color and lighting differences between the selfie video taken during setup and the pictures in the phone. Bear in mind, though, that this is a pre-calibrated demo version of the app, so we aren't sure if the engine will be as accurate in the actual app.

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The app also has a notifications area that shows which of your friends have sent pictures to you, and which friends you have pictures of. From the notifications screen, you can choose to Trade (a two-way exchange of photos between you and a friend), Give (one-way) and View images. You can choose specific pictures to send to your friend, as well as select just the photos you want to save to your phone.

MeFinder has no other features for now. Its makers are proud of its simplicity, but said that pulling pictures and facial information from Facebook and other social media is on the roadmap for future updates to the app. We look forward to that integration, but were also happy with what we saw.

The free MeFinder app is already available for download on iOS or Android devices, so you can get started looking for that perfect profile picture.