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Apple Replaces Paper Signs with iPad 2s

If you’ve ever been to an Apple store, you’ll likely be familiar with the setup inside. The store is organised by product, with each having its own dedicated section; the iPods, iPhones, iPads and MacBooks all sit on separate wooden tables around the store. Next to each product is a little piece of paper (protected from wear and tear by plastic casing) that details the specs and pricing of the product. However, your next visit to the Apple store is going to be quite different.

This past weekend, Apple put up black curtains and set about giving its Apple stores a high-tech makeover. The company has replaced all of those little paper spec sheets with iPad 2s. Aside from laying out information regarding iPods and iMacs, the customized iPads also allow customers to call a sales assistant and assess their position in the queue.

These POS (Point of Sale) iPad 2s have their home buttons disabled and are sealed inside plastic cases attached to the table. This means they can’t be used by customers to do other stuff, like play Angry Birds, and thieves will need to be pretty determined to swipe one from the display table.

Apple isn’t the first store to use the iPad as a device to enhance customers’ shopping experience. The Converse store in New York City allows customers to design their own shoe and has several iPads at the rear of the store that allow them to do so. Once you’ve customized your shoes on the iPad, you can have them made up in store.