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Google Instant Search Availble On-The-Go

Google Instant, a search feature desktop users have enjoyed since Sept., is now available in beta form on iOS 4 and Android 2.2 Froyo devices. Google searchers can point their mobile browser to to turn on the Google Instant to let Google instantly present the first predicted search results. Users expecting Google Instant access from the search function integrated into the operating system will be disappointed.

“With Google Instant on mobile, we’re pushing the limits of mobile browsers and wireless networks. You will probably notice a big improvement in speed when you search thanks to a new AJAX and HTML5 implementation for mobile that dynamically updates the page with new results and eliminates the need to load a new page for each query,” posted by Google Software Engineer Steve Kanefsky, on the Official Google Blog.

Unfortunately, Google Instant only supports English for users in the U.S. Nevertheless, Google promises support for additional countries and languages in the future.

As with Google Instant on desktops, words Google deemed naughty are blacklisted on your iOS 4 and Android devices too.