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$96,900 Makes Your iPhone Look Snazzy

Does your iPhone look tired and boring? Does it need a little jazz to give it that extra sparkle, that brilliant gleam it once had when you ripped it out of the box? Now thanks to designer Davide De Nizza of Milan—along with artist Stuart Hughes of Liverpool—that weary iPhone can be rejuvenated to its youthful look with the iPhone Tamara Runge Edition, a $96,900 iPhone case that will surely have the neighbors talking.

There's no question that this iPhone “wallet” is bling bling to the extreme. The hand-crafted case is made with 40-percent python bianco roccia, 20-percent croco slow brown, and an added 40-percent nubuck on the inside. The case also sports an 18-carat gold buckle (weighing 46 grams) and a perimeter of 35 0.50-carat diamonds. To top it all off, there's a “signature” 3-carat single cut diamond planted firmly in the center of the buckle.

LuxuryLaunches reports that there are only three variations of this design, costing the same $96,900 pricetag each. As this case comes straight from the same maker as the world's most expensive iPhone and the solid gold PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii consoles, we're betting this designer case would be ideal for the Apple device. For more interesting devices with out-of-the-world prices, go see what Stuart Hughes has to offer.

Of course, if that's too much bling for your iPhone, you could always settle on the Hello Kitty Crystal iPhone Case as seen here, costing a mere $195 instead.