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What's Windows Vista Worth? Play Guy's Guesstimating Game.

Guy's Guesstimating Game

Guy Thomas is a computer consultant and writer with attitude and a great sense of humor. Here Guy, who lives in the UK, puts dollar values on the various features of Microsoft's coming Vista operating system to determine if it's worth the company's likely asking prices. Check out his Ezine here.

Everyone in the world understands THE dollar. Naturally I am talking about the US dollar, greenback or "dead president." Whenever I visit another country I always take a wad of American dollars hidden in my tin of talcum powder. Unfortunately, I don't speak Czech, Polish, Vietnamese or even Spanish and sometimes the foreign taxi drivers or bartenders don't speak English, but without fail, they all understand a ten dollar bill (sawbuck).

Now when it comes to Vista, my thesis is that everyone understands the dollar, therefore, this week I challenge you to put a one-year dollar value on Vista's new features. The $64,000 question is when you add up these values will it make Vista a bargain at say $300?

Choosing Your Vista Version

First a reminder, Microsoft will release 6 distinct versions of Vista. According to Amazon, the Basic Home version will cost $200 (the same as XP), the Business version $300 and the top-of-the-range Vista Ultimate $400. I don't have figures for the other 3 versions, Home Premium, Starter, and Enterprise, which is only for existing SA or EA customers.

I admit that it's impossible to place an accurate value on a feature before we have used the product. However, the charm of my game is that it is always possible to make a guess and the fun part is at the end, will the sum of the guesstimates exceed the cost of the upgrade? If yes buy, if no keep your money in your pocket.

Games have tactics. In the case of my Vista game, evaluating the features will help you choose which of the six versions is best for you. As for me, I will be fascinated to see which Version sells the best. Will it be the most expensive Ultimate or the cheapskate Starter version?

Estimating A Dollar Value For Vista Features

My ultimate challenge to you is to guesstimate the value of each of these new Vista features over a one year period. Even better add your own categories and don't rely solely on mine.

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