Google Play for Android Gets Eye-Catching Update

The Google Play store is probably not the most exciting app you have on your Android device, but it is your gateway to exciting apps. Google's app shop is getting a graphical revamp that should make finding content both easier and more intuitive.

Google shared images of the 4.9.13 build of the Play Store via the Google Play Twitter feed. The account displayed four screenshots of the update along with inviting users to "check out our new look." Not all users have access to the new version yet, as it will roll out in a staggered fashion over the next few days.

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Version 4.9.13 may be especially useful when searching for new music, movies or games. Selecting the song "Ultraviolence" by Lana Del Ray, for example, gives its average user rating, genre, ratings from friends and detailed biographical information about the artist. While users could already access this information in older versions of the store, the new interface streamlines the process.

Other media and apps will embrace a similar visual style, displaying an app's most pertinent information front-and-center. The marketplace will also sport improved animations.

Users who simply cannot wait for the graphical overhaul can download the 4.9.13 build from Android fansites and install it themselves, but it's probably simpler to just wait a few days.

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