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Google Receives Several Patents For Google Glasses

The company was granted four patents that cover several aspects of the technology this week alone. Four patent applications were filed as early as July 2011, confirming that Google has been playing with this idea for quite some time.

D660,341: Wearable display device section
8,184,068: Processing objects for separate eye displays
8,184,067: Nose bridge sensor
8,183,997: Displaying sound indications on a wearable computing system

One week ago, Google was granted several design patents that show detailed illustrations of the glasses and hint to their construction:

D659,741: Wearable display device
D659,740: Wearable display device frame
D659,739: Wearable display device
8,179,604: Wearable marker for passive interaction

Besides the plain design patents (viewing of the TIFF images provided by the USPTO require a TIFF plugin such as AlternaTIFF, which is only available for IE), the nose bridge sensor may be the most interesting patent that has been granted so far. The document describes that the glasses will use a sensor on a nose bridge that will determine the power state of the glasses and will communicate to the system whether the glasses are actually in use or not.

Both Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have recently worn the Project Glass prototypes out in the wild.