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OnStar Opens Smart Grid APIs for Chevy Volt

The proprietary OnStar APIs cover demand response to manage energy use; time of use rates, which enables Volt owners to download energy rates; charging data which locates charging locations and determines load scenarios; as well as aggregated services, which enables charging management of a vehicle fleet.

GM said that the "Volt is Smart Grid-ready today” and that it is now looking for "utilities and other companies to take the steps necessary to make Smart Grid solutions a reality for Volt owners.”

GM first mentioned its intentions to open up its vehicle APIs last month at CES 2012. The company noted that the smart grid set is only the first set and that further releases will enable software developers to create mobile applications that can interact with OnStar services. According to the manufacturer, there are currently 6 million OnStar subscribers. Developers interested in the smart grid APIs can access the interfaces via OnStar’s smart grid website.