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Mercedes-AMG Goes Green with Electric SLS

From the outside, the Mercedes Benz SLS-e AMG looks mostly similar to its internal combustion counterpart, however, this model packs an electric powertrain that promises better performance on the road.

The  SLS-e runs on four electric engines, each positioned near its corresponding wheel. The gullwing-door two-seater can hit 100kph in four seconds, with a combined power rating of 392 kilowatts (or 525 horses) and a torque of 650 Newton-meters. The relatively heavy weight of the three battery packs (with a combined capacity of 400V) are positioned throughout the entire length of the vehicle for better weight distribution.

The electric system is so powerful that two separate cooling system are required for the engines and battery packs. Rounding up the eco-friendly design is a pair of LED headlights, and redesigned aerodynamics at the back to accommodate the lack of an exhaust.

AMG remains mum about specific pricing and availability details, so stay tuned.

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