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Corsair Unveils Its First Gaming PC, and It's a Compact Beast

Corsair is well-known among PC-builders for its top-notch components as well as gaming mice and keyboards, but now the company is getting into the pre-built desktop game. It just teased the Corsair One, its first fully assembled gaming PC for the masses.

Most information is being kept under wraps. For now, there's a sparse landing page where you can sign up for more information. Corsair also put out an ad in Maximum PC's March issue that calls it "category-defying," but says little else.

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From the few pictures Corsair has released, it appears to have a fairly minimalist design, with an all-black case flanked by two teal lights on the side that look straight like an outfit out of Tron: Legacy. There's an HDMI port and a USB port on the front, ostensibly to plug in a VR headset, and the tower appears far narrower in promotional images than many other gaming PCs we've seen.

The Corsair One Credit: Corsair

(Image credit: The Corsair One Credit: Corsair)

The big details, including specs, price and a release date have yet to be revealed, but we're expecting a beefy GPU that's ready for serious VR and intensive 4K gaming.