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Spy Camera Evokes Memories of James Bond

James Bond always means British, suave, and elegant; a black-tie man more than anything. Thought the long-running running franchise would never remind you of a  t-shirt and spy cam. Yet here it is, courtesy of our friends over at ThinkGeek.

The kitschy "From Japan with Love" imprint isn't exactly the most subtle of disguises, but it does give the opportunity to obfuscate the shirt's one true purpose: a mini-spycam, positioned just where faux-Bond is holding up his own spy-camera. You snap spy photos by clicking on the handheld controller that'll be suspiciously snaking out of your loud shirt.

The spycam is powered by AAA batteries, so if you're one broke spy, a quick run to 7-11 will solve all your problems. The camera also comes off so you can dump the shirt in the laundromat, because let's face it: if you're wearing a tacky shirt to an espionage mission, you probably wouldn't spring for dry-cleaning.

[source: Think Geek viaTech Digest]