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Apple Working on "World Mode" iPhone

Looks as if there are more signs appearing indicating that the iPhone is really jumping ship in regards to AT&T. In fact, the latest findings may be exactly what consumers have wanted to hear for a long time: that Apple has signed a contract to produce iPhones working on any carrier worldwide.

AppleInsider provides the tasty scoop, reporting that the new hybrid iPhone--combining UMTS 3G and CDMA2000--will be manufactured by Asustek subsidiary Pegatron and expected to hit the market in Q3 2010. This means that the new iPhone will be compatible with Verizon's network, making rumors that the device is coming to the wireless carrier that much more substantiated.

A document acquired by AppleInsider claims that the new iPhone will feature a smaller screen: down to 2.8-inches from the current 3.5-inch screen. The document also states that Verizon and Apple have come to an agreement to sell the new model within a year. That's surprising considering the company's attempts to portray the Motorola Droid as an "iPhone killer."

Earlier today, Radio Shack--or rather The Shack--announced that it would begin selling Apple's iPhone 3G and 3GS in select cities by the end of the month (Dallas-Forth Worth, New York City). The sale will then go nationwide sometime in 2010. However, consumers may want to put those anxious fingers on hold until more details on the "world mode" version become available.