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Microsoft Announcing 3D Plans 'Soon'

Good news for console gamers: Microsoft is expected to announce its plans for 3D sometime soon. Blitz Game Studios co-founder Andrew Oliver spilled the beans Thursday at the Wastminister eForum event in London, admitting that 3D development "takes a bit of extra work." Although Oliver wouldn't admit to an exact timeframe, he revealed that Microsoft was going to make an announcement about 3D support "at some point soon." 

But who are we kidding here? With Nintendo getting ready to save face by revealing its upcoming 3DS unit next week, it stands to reason that Microsoft will choose E3 2010 as its platform to reveal full-blown 3D gaming for the Xbox 360. Sony also plans to promote the PlayStation 3's capabilities as a 3D-capable console--Microsoft is the only "rival" who at this point has remained rather quiet about the issue (outside saying that converting the console's back log will be unlikely). 

But in all actuality, the Xbox 360 is already capable of playing 3D games. "Our game did come out in 3D on the Xbox 360, so 3D is possible, even  through an HDMI 1.2 cable," Oliver said. "Ubisoft created Avatar, which includes a mode  for 3D on a 3D TV. It is just a case of adding a mode into the options menu, so there's no need for two different products." 

Microsoft's European platform boss Chris Lewis confirmed with MCV's weekly magazine on Thursday that 3D games are already available, and that the feature will continue to evolve. "You can buy a 3DTV and wear glasses to  play games like Avatar and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Of course, as 3D  adoption grows, we'll support more 3D games and entertainment, but the  spotlight for Xbox 360 is focused on creating breakthrough social  experiences that everyone can enjoy and play together." 

Expect to hear Microsoft's big 3D announcement at E3 2010--we're betting it will somehow be tied into Project Natal.