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The Facebook App That Encourages Break Ups

Facebook started out as a way to keep in touch with friends and relatives that you don’t get to see nearly often enough, but the uses for the site are growing by the day. Between sharing photos, selling stuff and looking for rentals via the marketplace, advertising your brand on Pages and email, the social networking site has become much more than social networking. Still, the latest use is sure to raise a few eyebrows: There now exists an app that will allow you to motivate your crush to break up with his or her significant other. 

The maker of the now-banned ‘Breakup Notifier’ has come back with a new app that allows you to encourage the object of your affections to dump their beau for you. Perhaps more dangerous than ‘Breakup Notifier,’ which just sent a notification when one of your friends became newly single, ‘Waiting Room’ allows you to subtly inform your crush that other opportunities exist outside of their current relationship. You simply tell the app who you’re interested in and it lets that person know someone is in their "waiting room."

‘Waiting Room’ is anonymous. The person in question won’t know who is in their waiting room until 48 hours after they’ve broken their current partner’s heart. Once two days have passed, your identity will be revealed and you’ll either have a new significant other or a very disappointed former friend who was hoping you were someone else.