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WWDC 2011 Tickets Selling for $5,000 on eBay

In 2010, it took only eight days for the tickets to Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) to sell out. This year, each $1,599 ticket sold out within the first 12 hours despite rumors of a focus on Mac OS X Lion and the next-gen iOS software. There's even talk that the iPhone 5 won't make an appearance until June 2012, yet tickets sold out quicker than the time it takes to grow a crop of Spinach in Farmville.

But for those who missed the 12-hour window to purchase a ticket, several generous auctioneers are now offering their tickets over on eBay-- only seven are listed at the time of this writing. As expected, the ticket prices are incredibly over-inflated, ranging from $1,950-- which isn't too bad considering the original ticket price-- to an insane $4,999.99 with free shipping.

Naturally, these prices will change-- they'll either deflate or inflate, depending on who is biting. Those who actually dump a huge load into the eBay listings will receive a code and instructions on how to activate the electronic ticket. Buyers must be registered as a developer with Apple in order to activate it.

But act quick-- there's a good bet Apple will swoop in and slap the listings right off eBay much like it did with the Steve Jobs action figures (ninja and non-ninja) earlier this year. The event itself doesn't take place until June 6 to June 10 at Moscone West in San Francisco, and will be competing directly with E3 2011 which also takes place in the same timeframe, spanning June 7 to June 9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Between the two, some game developers may need to take out a second mortgage on the house or sell their underwear on eBay just to pay for both conferences.