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Verizon iPhone Goes on Sale

After four years of AT&T exclusivity, the iPhone is now available for Verizon customers around the country. Presales for the CMDA model sold out last week and the device went on sale online yesterday. Today the device officially goes on sale in the more than 2,000 Verizon Wireless Communications stores and while some shops opened as early 7am to sell the phone to eager buyers, CNN reports that the queues for the launch were nothing compared to the thousands we saw queuing for the iPhone 4’s AT&T launch.

“The line of waiting buyers held just eight people 15 minutes before it went on sale at Apple's flagship New York City store near Central Park,” wrote CNN’s David Goldman.

Interestingly, Goldman also noted that none of these eight were leaving AT&T to get the iPhone on Verizon. Two said they were already on Verizon but the other six people were leaving T-Mobile. Down the road, at one of Verizon Wireless’s stores, was a slightly different story. A queue of about a dozen contained “a few” ready to trade in their AT&T iPhone for Verizon’s service.

It’s nice to be able to finally write this launch off as complete, but expect more Verizon iPhone talk as everyone waits for sales data and information on the number of people switching from AT&T to Big Red. Of course, iPhone 5 is rumored to be launching in June, so many people may decide to wait a few more months so they can reassess their options. However, it’s unclear as to whether or not Verizon will also be getting that iteration of the iPhone or if the network will have to wait until 2012, when the original AT&T exclusivity agreement was supposed to end.