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Report: FBI Raids 3 Toyota Plants in Detroit

The Detroit Free Press reports that the FBI served search warrants to the offices of three Toyota suppliers in the Metro Detroit area: Yazaki North America, Denso International, and Tokai Rika (TRAM). Apparently the feds were looking for documents related to alleged antitrust violations, however agents declined to offer a reason for the search.

The warrants are under seal in U.S. District Court in Detroit.

According to Denso International America spokesperson Julie Kerr, the raid was not related to the ongoing probe into Toyota's 1.4 million unit recall. However Kerr was unable to comment any further about the raid and possible relations to other issues. Desno supplies accelerator pedals and other components to the automobile manufacturer.

"That’s all we know, is that the investigation is in regard to anti-trust issues," Kerr said. "We are cooperating."

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda is currently in Washington D.C., taking the stand in regards to the recent problems and eventual recall of 1.4 million automobiles. He told Congress on Wednesday that "we never run away from our problems," and apologized for the accidents caused by his company's vehicles.

"My name is on every car," he added.

  • symetrixpc
    Wish I had the money right now to get a toyota. I'm honestly not that worried about the recall issues and I could use it as leverage to get it cheap. oh well.
  • It's a car manufacturing facility; what the hell would they raid it for? Drugs and prostitutes? I hardly think that's the case!
  • wavebossa
    I think you are confusing FBI with DEA hollowtek...
  • kikireeki
    That CEO is a real Samurai!
  • Why isn't anyone reporting on the conflict of interest here. The "owner" of Toyota's largest competitor has the authority to go on this witch hunt and I think it is fair to question their motives. Is the federal Government going after Toyota to boost GM sales?
  • CoderDunn
    Poor Toyota, no one will give them a break.
  • I love my Yaris.
  • babybeluga
    So this is how they're going to bail out GM!!!
  • Socialdisorder
    Man, that sucks. I don't remember Firestone ever getting this much attention, and their faulty tires actually killed more than 2 people.
  • traesta
    Wait until the FT-86 is released !!!! Toyota will make a killing on it, and any lost revenue will be hindsight. Plus I'm