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ThinkerToys Transforms eWaste Into Educational, Fun Tools

In this day and age, you can find electronic gadgets just about everywhere. With brand new tantalizing electronics coming out every year, more and more of our electronics get tossed aside. In some cases, this means completely or partially functional electronics ending up in landfills around the world. Although we may not have a use for them, somebody else might.

Hoping to make use of all the electronic waste piling up in landfills, ThinkerToys creator Dhairya Dand came up with an interesting idea. Dand plans to create low-cost Arduino based chips called openTOYS that plug directly into used electronics that are found in landfills such as keyboards, headphones or monitors.

Designed to be used as fun, educational tools for children in developing countries, one example is the Keyano openTOY, a small device that turns any keyboard into a piano. Another openTOY is the Randomath, a small lcd screen that plugs into keyboards and creates random math puzzles to be solved. 

The ultimate goal of ThinkerToys is an entirely open source platform that allows anybody from around the world to develop their own designs, opening the door to endless possibilities for used and tossed aside electronics. For more information on the project, head on over to the Thinker Toys page here.