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Square And $100 Million Revenue in 2012.

Square, the company behind that half-dollar-sized iDevice credit card scanner, is set for some nine-figure revenue in 2012.

Think about it: A small piece of plastic, paired with a fairly simple swipe, sign and send application is responsible for $4 billion worth of transactions, $100 million in revenue, and some insane amount of profit to be announced later. That's amazing, and my only complaint about Square is that it didn't come around sooner.

Hopefully you've encountered a Square scanner at some point, only so you can appreciate the sheer convenience of the device. It's especially prevalent here in Los Angeles, as many of the ever-popular food trucks that once hung "Cash Only" signs in their windows now take every major credit card. Some businesses will never embrace plastic, as they aren't interested in paying fees to Visa and the like, but at least a lack of convenience is no longer a viable excuse. If you run a business, and you're at all interested on getting in with Square, check out the website. The dongle is free, money is deposited into your account within 24 hours, and transactions run you a flat fee of 2.75%. -Devin Connors