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Sony Ericsson's Creations Wants People to Share

Along with the introduction of three new devices, Sony Ericsson announced Creations, a new platform for users to publish content like pictures and video that they wish to share with others. All content is submitted under the Creative Commons license, meaning it will be available for anyone in the community to use, share, or update.

“At Sony Ericsson we believe that everyone has a sense of creativity within them,” says Christopher David, Head of Developer and Partner Engagement at Sony Ericsson. “It may be something as simple as taking a picture, where consciously or unconsciously they choose the subject matter, lighting, perspective and alike. Through Creations we hope unleash and extend this personal creativity.”

AllAboutSymbian reports that at launch, Creations will consist of the web publishing cloud infrastructure and a set of PC and phone based tools to enable community members to modify the content. The initial batch of tools will allow for the manipulation of published items into phone content like themes, wallpaper, and ringtones.

It's definitely an interesting idea and we can already see a lot of people downloading the likes of wallpapers and ringtones but beyond that, it's hard to say how far this will go. Hopefully when the platform launches, we'll have a bit more insight as to how people will use it.

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