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Polaroid Making Game Accessories

Since 1937, Polaroid has mainly--almost solely--focused on its analog instant camera and film technology until recently when it ceased production of the cameras in 2007, and the film in 2009. With that said, MCV reports that the company is now looking into new avenues including digital cameras, printers, and now gaming accessories for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS.

Starting May, gamers can purchase microphone headsets and battery packs for the Microsoft console, and wireless controllers for the PlayStation 3. On the Nintendo front, there will be a new sensor bar and sports packs for the Wii console, and a custom dock for the DS handheld gaming system. The Wii and DS products will hit the market first, followed by the full Polaroid gaming portfolio later this year.

The company surprised CES 2010 attendees back in January by announcing a partnership with Lady GaGa. According to the announcement, she will serve as the company's Creative Director. Expect to see Gaga-themed game peripherals to hit the market as well, although we're rather frightened to conceptualize her interpretation of a thumbstick given her definition of a "disco stick."