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Operation Payback Kicked from Twitter, Facebook

The folks behind Operation Payback have been pretty busy launching DDoS attacks against various different corporations they feel are unsupportive of WikiLeaks. Over the last few days, the websites of PayPal, Visa and MasterCard all endured technical difficulties thanks to attacks orchestrated by Anonymous and Operation Payback.

Anonymous had been using a Twitter and Facebook account as tools to mobilize its army when a new target had been picked. However, it seems they may soon have to find a new way to communicate with loyal followers as both accounts have been shut down.

Operation Payback's twitter account is now showing a "This account has been suspended" landing page, while the group were faced with this notice yesterday when trying to access the Facebook fan page they set up.

Of course, there's nothing to stop Anon from setting up new Operation Payback accounts on both social networks (in fact Huffington Post reports that they already have a new Twitter account, @Anon_Operationn).

Facebook responded to HuffPo inquiries as to why the Operation Payback page was deleted with a statement explaining that it was pulled because it was promoting a DDoS attack. The company says that WikiLeaks own page remains up.