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Mobile Devices with Multi-Core Processors by 2013

From a hardware standpoint, where will mobile devices be three years from now? According to market research firm In-Stat, 2013 will be the year a vast majority of MIDs, netbooks, smartphones, and other mobile devices will feature processors with more than two cores. In-Stat predicts that the entire multi-core invasion will begin next year, in 2010, with smartphones and netbooks initially joining the multi-core collective.

However, in 2011, MIDs and UMPCs will receive the multi-core treatment, followed by CE devices somewhere between 2012 and 2013. In-Stat said that by 2013, almost 88-percent of the processors sold into the mobile market segment will be multi-core processors. The company also said that the ARM architecture will see a higher growth rate over the more common x86 architecture.

"Integration of graphics/multimedia acceleration is a key trend as well," said Jim McGregor, In-Stat analyst. "While multi-core dominates in the high performance mobile computing segments, integration of graphics/multimedia acceleration favors the smartphone, MID/UMPC and mobile entertainment device segment."

Entitled Mobile Processor Review, In-Stat's research is available for all to download and enjoy for a whopping $3,495 USD. While the collected data may be informative, we can't help but think that kind of money could be better used on a smoking hot gaming PC with a 3D HD display. Still, it's cool so see a glimpse into the future.