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Mission Motors Releases Latest EV Superbike

We all know the usual complaint: Electric vehicles just don't have it where it counts, especially in power and range. Mission Motors disagrees with this idea; after all, the San Francisco manufacturer has been working since 2007 to create a high-performance motorcycle that doesn't use so much as an ounce of gasoline. Their latest prototype, the Mission-R, is one more step towards achieving that goal.

This all-electric beast boasts 141 horsepower and 115 foot-pounds of torque, with an alleged top speed of 160 mph. That may not be enough to win the MotoGP, but it'll definitely leave Ducati's street-legal bikes in the dust. On top of it all, the Mission-R's 14KwH battery should give it a range of 150 miles from a full charge. Here's to hoping the Mission-R lives up to all of this touted performance at next year's TTXGP racing series.

[source: Mission Motors via Wired]