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Arctic's New Keyboard is 12-mm Tall

Arctic Cooling (Equipment) said Tuesday that it's jumping into the peripheral market with the release of a keyboard (K381) and two gaming mice (M551, M571). The keyboard is crazy thin, measuring 12-mm in height in the front, and 20-mm in height in the back. The device also comes packed with twelve one-touch office function keys including volume control, full-sized arrow keys, and a numeric keypad.

As for the two mice, both feature a resistant surface coating, an adjustable sensitivity level of 800 dpi, 1,600 dpi and 2,400 dpi, and a LED indication light that displays the selected sensitivity. They also have a back and forth thumb button for convenient web navigation, and an ergonomic design to keep the hand comfortable during long durations.

While the M551 serves as the base model, the M571 was designed with professionals in mind. Apparently the only real difference with this "enhanced" model is the inclusion of a third mouse button that allows for any multi-fire setting or other functions. Users can also personalize the weight of the device by adding or subtracting up to four weights of 6.5 grams each.

According to Arctic, the keyboard is already available on the market, selling for $24.95 USD. The two mice won't be ready for mass consumption until September 2010, however the M551 will cost $24.95 USD and the M571 will cost $29.95 USD. At the time of this writing, the keyboard couldn't be located online through Arctic's store or other popular e-tailers.

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