Google Enables Developers to Connect C Code to HTML5

NaCl is integrated as a sandboxing technology, which allows the browser to safely execute platform independent and untrusted code without being a threat to the browser itself, even if the software may be harmful.

NaCl was integrated for the first time in Chrome 5 behind a flag and is enabled via Pepper, a collection of APIs that can connect C and C++ code to modern websites that run HTML5 technologies. "This means that once you’ve ported your code to Native Client, it will work across different operating systems, and you only need to maintain one code base," Google said.

According to the company, NaCl supports Pepper APIs for 2D graphics, stereo audio, URL fetching, sandboxed local file access, and asynchronous message passing to and from JavaScript. Down the road, Google plans to add support for hardware accelerated 3D graphics (OpenGL ES 2.0), fullscreen mode, and networking such as WebSockets and peer-to-peer connections.

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  • icepick314

    am I reading April 1st edition of the article?
  • dstigue
    Ice you probably wish you were. This has been out there for a while. Not sure why it's hitting Tom's now. They are so far behind. Let the hacking begin.
  • CaedenV
    ya, Toms covered this a month ago it seems. Odd that they recycled it