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Gmail Adds 'Undo' Send Button

When Google launched Beer Goggles a while back we figured it was a great idea. Make someone do math before they can send the email. Unfortunately there was a couple of catches. A lot of the time you send emails you regret when you’re perfectly sober. You could answer those five math questions in the allotted time no problem and soldier on with your potential damaging correspondence.

Today the Labs team released another tool that's supposed to help users during their day to day lives of sending emails that may or may not be detrimental to their careers, relationships, friendships or any other kind of ships: an undo send button. While it seems like a fantastically wonderful concept, in reality it’s a little bit stunted. It basically delays the sending of your mail for five seconds, giving you a little time to think.

Sure five seconds might be enough time for you to fix potentially blonde mistakes like forgetting to attach a file to a mail that reads, “See attached,” but not a lot of people are so quick on the draw that they’d make it to the undo button in five seconds. Okay most days I’d be fine, but working weird hours means I’m often awake when I shouldn’t be. Five seconds at 3 a.m. is not going to help me. We’d like to see this with a timer your can set yourself. Anywhere up to 20 seconds should cover everyone's needs. Why not?

Nitpicking aside, we prefer this option to Beer Goggles. Check out the full post on the Official Gmail blog by clicking here and activate Undo Send by clicking Labs under the settings tab.