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$45,000 Golf Cart Protects Against Grenades

Don't you hate it when you're out on the golf course and your cart doesn't hold up against the impact of exploding grenades?

For $45,000, those worries can be washed away with the Metaltech Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart. That's right, its a golf cart decked out with armor thick enough to withstand grenade attacks.

Sify reports that the armored vehicle is a byproduct of 2008's Mumbai terrorist attacks. While we're betting that the Indian special forces secretly had golf in mind, the Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart was created to go where bulkier armored trucks can't venture: hotel lobbies, narrow corridors, and other confined spaces.

"It's a product of our sense of helplessness over the casualties we took in the attacks," said managing director J.B. Sehrawat. "We put our heads and hearts together and came up with the ATAC."

According to the designers--Metaltech Motor Bodies Pvt Ltd.--the armored cart can reach speeds of up to 15 MPH, and can run for six hours on a single charge. The vehicle can also withstand close range fire (thanks to bullet-proof windows) and grenade blasts, perfect for digging out terrorists tucked away in abandoned buildings and narrow caves.

Despite the damage this thing could do on a golf course, this armored cart would be the ideal hiding spot after saying the wrong thing and the significant other comes after you with a golf club.