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Facebook Enters Cloud Market via Photo Sync App

Facebook has entered the cloud market after it officially launched its new Photo Sync app for iOS and Android devices.

Upon being enabled, Photo Sync will upload every picture taken on a mobile device to a private, locked folder entitled "Synced from Phone" within one's Facebook account. Users can then decide what they want to do with the images such as sharing it with friends or keeping them in a private state.

Photo Sync has been in a testing phase for a select amount of Android users for recent months, while certain iOS app users have been able to try it during the past week.

For iPhone and iPad users, Photo Sync will only work when the iOS device is upgraded to iOS 6. As for Android, Photo Sync should work with any version of Google's platform as Facebook doesn't reveal any requirements for that specific platform.

When a user agrees to allow photos to sync from a smartphone, the Facebook app instantly commences the uploading of said images, with a 2 GB limit in place. How often the device uploads an image can be dictated by the user.

Additionally, one can choose how to sync the images, including WiFi, cellular network or both. Users can turn off the feature and delete photos from the private folder when they wish.

Facebook assured that smaller versions of the photos (100K) will be uploaded over 3G and 4G networks for those concerned about data plan usage. Larger versions of the images, meanwhile, will be uploaded when a user connects to a wireless signal.


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