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Best Uses For Facebook Mail

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In mid-November, Facebook launched its new Messages product, allowing users to see their communication with someone over email, Facebook Messages, Facebook Chat, instant messages, and SMS in the same thread. The service is being rolled out slowly, so if you don’t have access to it yet, don’t worry. It’ll come.

When Facebook determines that you’re worthy of gaining access to the new syste, you’ll see a prompt at the top of your home page. From there, you can claim ownership of your new email address. If you’ve claimed a name on Facebook, you’ll keep the same handle for the email system. When you get email from a friend or a friend-of-friend, it ends up in your primary Messages folder, while emails from other people around the web go to your Other Messages folder. You can still change your privacy settings to reflect your desire to receive mail from non-friends or not.

LIKE: Simplicity. Now people can message you on Facebook OR email your @facebook address, and it will end up in one place.