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Women Prefer Facebook Over Bathroom Basics

According to a survey conducted by the cable TV network Oxygen, 36-percent of its young female participants admitted to accessing their Facebook accounts in the morning immediately before brushing teeth or using the toilet. The survey--consisting of 1600 18-34-year-old social network users--also discovered that more than half (57-percent in fact) spent more time talking to people online than they did face-to-face.

That's not all the survey found. Apparently 37-percent of the participants have fallen asleep with their PDA in their hands, while 26-percent of the surveyed women also admitted to getting up in the middle of the night to read text messages. Other statistics revealed that 37-percent accidentally texted something embarrassing to the wrong person whereas 56-percent use texting as their main form of communication.

Surprisingly, 32-percent think that posting photos of themselves or others on Facebook using obscene gestures is appropriate--42-percent said that images of them visibly intoxicated was just as appropriate even though a whopping 63-percent actually use Facebook as a career networking tool. Over half of the women in the survey even admitted to keeping track of their "frenemies."

Twitter also saw heavy statistics in Oxygen's survey. 56-percent on the participants use Twitter as their main source of news and current events. 74-percent said it wasn't okay to start an argument on Twitter whereas 69-percent said that it's okay to load up the site with TV show spoilers.

Although Oxygen's survey actually grilled participants between 18 and 54, the final numbers focused on the 18 to 34 group. For the full list of results, head here.