Report: Facebook Music is More Than Just Spotify

A couple of weeks ago, there were rumours that Facebook was gearing up to launch a music service in conjunction with Spotify. On Friday, news emerged that Spotify was planning to make its U.S. debut in early July but no mention of Facebook was made. However, new information suggests that Spotify will play a role in Facebook’s efforts to break into the online music business -- it just won't be the only one.

Previous reports claimed that Spotify integration for Facebook would come via a ‘Spotify’ icon in the left-hand panel on a user’s homepage. Today, GigaOm’s Om Malik claims that this icon will be a general ‘Music’ icon which will take users to a Music Dashboard. On this dashboard, users will see music notifications when a friend listens to a song or band they recommend; recommended songs from friends; tops songs among friends; and a happening now ‘ticker’ that will tell you what your friends are listening to. Malik also mentions a persistent playback/pause button at the bottom of the Facebook page, near the chat icon. This button provides a snapshot and controller for the music experience and allows users to see what’s playing "on whatever service [they] might be logged into using Facebook Connect."

Of course, this suggests that Facebook Music is going to incorporate more than just Spotify. Unfortunately, Om’s post doesn’t go into details on the other company's involved, but we’re assuming users with subscriptions to other, similar online music services will be able to log in using Facebook Connect and listen to tunes while they browse Facebook.