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Aluminum-Celmet May Boost EV Ranges 200%

One of the biggest concerns of prospective electric vehicle owners is a fear of limited driving ranges. Although modern electric vehicles have no problems making daily local trips, some owners may decide to pass on purchasing an EV knowing that it can only go so far before needing another charge. Luckily for prospective owners, a brand new metal on the way could lead to a huge increase in EV capabilities.

Manufacturer of optical fiber cable and electric wire, Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI) has recently developed an aluminum that could lead to a 150-300% increase in electric vehicle battery capacity. This would mean an increase of typical driving ranges by 50-200%, possibly taking the Nissan Leaf to a range of 219 miles or the Tesla Roadster to 732 miles.

Called "Aluminum-Celmet", SEI's creation is designed to be integrated into lithium-ion batteries, with a three-dimensional porous structure that the company claims to work wonders on battery capacities.

Beginning with an Aluminum-Celmet assembly line at the company's Osaka facility in Japan, SEI hopes to begin mass production of its new patented metal in the near future. Assuming SEI's claims prove to be true, we could be seeing some impressive new electric vehicles.