Developer of DayZ Finally Gives Standalone Update

DayZ creator Dean "Rocket" Hall may have been just a bit too ambitious when he set his goal for a standalone alpha by the end of 2012. 

When 2012 came and went, Hall posted a brief update explaining that the DayZ standalone would be delayed. Since the game was moving into standalone development, new systems had to be developed for it. From then on, the development team went silent about updates on the game. 

In recent days, Hall's been facing a lot of harassment via email and Twitter, with angry gamers demanding the release of the game. As a result, he's posted a brief update on the development of the game. "Development pace has been very rapid and as information gets prepared for a devblog," it states, "inevitably things change. Furthermore, things get fixed and added at different times – so it means it is hard to find a time when everything is committed at once... except for milestones. Hence, we will be releasing the devblog based on the milestone review." 

He was very, very clear in emphasizing that this wasn't a confirmation of the alpha. "There is no set release date. When an alpha candidate passes its milestone review, it will be released," he stated. 

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  • aoneone
    Will it also include zig-zag zombie pathing? ^_^
  • Poul Wrist
    Why must people act like such jerks. Demand the release? You can demand nothing. Shut up, play something else. Stop being whiny ass babies, it's tiresome to read nothing in the news but how "gamers" post deaththreats, rapethreats, hostile demands, and wish terror upon developers of videogames... grow up, people.
  • senkasaw
    You shouldn't be allowed to complain about development times until you have worked in development yourself. (at which point you will likely stop case anyone missed that. :P)