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Is the Motorola DROID Pro a BlackBerry Killer?

A lot of people have a problem with touchscreens. Whether it's because the onscreen keyboard is too small or you miss the clicky-click of tactile touch, touchscreens are just not for everyone. Though there are options for those of us who can't let go of our QWERTY keyboards, a lot of companies are still favoring the all-touchscreen candybar form factor and there's very little available for people who don't like slider phones.

Up until now, Motorola has favored the slide-out, landscape keyboard for its DROID line. Well, not anymore. The company has just announced the DROID Pro, which people are already calling it a BlackBerry killer. Featuring a 3.1-inch multitouch display and an integrated, portrait QWERTY keyboard, Verizon says the DROID Pro is the first Android device 'optimized for business customers.'

Boasting a 1GHz CPU, the phone packs full push corporate e-mail with corporate level security; unified calendar with additional work features; and pre-loaded Quickoffice Mobile Suite. All this runs on the aforementioned 1GHz OMAP 3620; 4 GB of storage (2 GB internal; and 2 GB removable), 512MB of memory; 802.11n 2.4GHz WIFI; Bluetooth 2.1; a 5-megapixel camera with auto focus, LED flash and video capabilities; Android 2.2; and support for 3G Mobile Hotspot (up to five devices).

No word on pricing just yet but Verizon is promising a release 'in the coming weeks' so we should know more very, very soon.

Any takers?