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DIY Haptic Glove to Assist the Visually Impaired

Life for a visually impaired individual can be very troublesome and inconvenient, even with the helpful paws of service animals. Hopefully with the advances in modern technology and innovative minds, devices such as this haptic glove can make things much easier for people with disabilities. Designed by Steve Hoefer, the Tacit glove utilizes two sonar ping sensors to measure distances around the user.

The glove then reacts with a haptic feedback response, depending on the proximity of nearby objects. While the device isn't exactly going to make life too much easier, it will be able to make the visually impaired much more attentive of their surroundings. Perhaps with future innovation, the device will be able to recognize objects as well!

The glove runs off of a single 9-volt battery that powers an Arduino pro mini processor that controls the sensors and provides the feedback. If you happen to know somebody who is visually impaired, it might please you to learn that the Tacit is actually a public DIY project. This means you can have one made or make it yourself. Check out the parts list, schematics and source code all provided by Hoefer here