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Meet Bizz.Net, a Social Network for Businesses

Tuesday social media company Bizzingo, Inc. announced that it launched the first phase of a new social platform for businesses to communicate with other businesses in a professional, non-Facebook environment. Tools will eventually be rolled out including full search functions, marketing and advertising functions, and even general business Q&A forums.

"The existing major search engines and social media networks are designed primarily for a consumer audience, creating leads that are of little value to businesses trying to reach other businesses," states Douglas Toth, Chairman and CEO of Bizzingo. "'s new, exclusive business to business search platform and social network actually delivers targeted leads and, for the first time, opens up the power of the Internet to millions of businesses who only seek to market and connect to other businesses for the purpose of transacting business."

As part of the initial Bizz,net rollout, Bizzingo is currently injecting (populating) the platform with businesses in order to provide them with a social networking and search experience "similar to what Facebook and Google provide for individuals." Soon companies will be able to set up detailed profile pages describing what they do, what they sell, and what their business needs from others – all indexed to highly searchable results. Business profiles will also enable them to present their company's products or services through videos, images, and collaterals including company marketing material and literature.

" intends to become the most accurate and powerful search engine for businesses in the world," the company said in a press release. To see in action, check out the video presentation below.