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Apple Faces Third 3G lawsuit

We’ve heard all about the 3G coverage issues from iPhone owners. Dropped calls and intermittent coverage that yo-yos up and down despite the fact that you haven’t moved from your chair are common problems among second generation iPhoners.

Over the last few weeks we’ve already seen two people file suits against Apple for the same problems with the iPhone 3G. Both of these users said they hoped the lawsuit would be granted class action status and today’s iPhone user is no different, Eulardi Tanseco is also hoping more users will jump on his bandwagon to help fight the manufacturer and the service provider.

While each lawsuit differs slightly, they all come down to the same issue, the 3G speeds. One individual is accusing Apple of selling too many iPhones, which in turn is putting too much pressure on AT&T’s networks while another is playing the false advertising card and saying that adverts claiming the iPhone 3G is twice as fast for half the price.

We’re not sure whether or not these people will manage to successfully sue Apple or AT&T but whatever result is achieved is bound to have an impact. If Apple and AT&T come out winners on the other side there’ll be a precedent set against the people complaining that the speeds aren’t as fast as was promised. On the other hand, if Apple and/or AT&T were to lose, there’ll be a long line of customers waiting to file lawsuits of their own, once they hear they might actually win.