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Porn Star Inspires Chinese to Jump Great Firewall

AOL reports that Japanese porn star Aoi Sola launched her Twitter page at the end of March, but with Twitter being blocked in China, Sola's Chinese fans had no way of accessing the page. Determined to see her tweets, thousands of fans are said to be passing around software that allows people inside China the ability to get around the government-imposed restrictions.

AOL goes on to say that in a story in The Dongguan Times, the paper reported people were "jumping the wall" to show their support for their favorite porn star and said users "who needed a helping hand over the Great Firewall could get instructions by e-mailing" An email to the address in question resulted in an automated response with detailed instructions on how to access Twitter from China and included links.

Though the reason these people are getting around the restrictions is a little bit silly, it just goes to show how ineffective the restrictions can be if people want the content badly enough.

"In China you can get anything you want on the Internet, you just have to want to bad enough," said David Wolf, a tech industry expert at Wolf Group Asia told AOL.

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  • thackstonns
    How is it silly. Porn built the internet
  • moomooman
    Porn. Whacking a blow for freedong. dom, I meant freedom.
  • megafreak
    Awww she's so adoreable.... sigh
  • rarebush
    Determined to see her tweets

    giggle :)
  • Camikazi
    I would jump the great wall to see her too, I like Asians :)
  • wasabiman123
    ROFL, China has now earned 69 cool points from me. Giggity.
  • dasper
    Heh, brings back memories of me trying to connect to the Internet as a teenager, stuffing cotton in the modem speaker so it didn't wake up anyone, and all I wanted was video game news from IGN. John Denver said, "That which is denied becomes that which is most desired." He was even against the parental advisory label on music even though I doubt anything he ever had would have garnished such a label.

    Helps me reaffirm my belief that prohibition cannot work as well as people think and turns what are probably descent citizens into criminals.
  • babybeluga
    Pornstars having fans? The use of the word fans really creeps me out for some reason... Don't really know why.
  • CChick
    Wow, this news is a week something late.

    I watch her p0rn ... err I mean ... movies before. honestly, she is really cute. oh well :)
  • JMcEntegart
    thackstonnsHow is it silly. Porn built the internet
    I meant breaking the law to see a twitter page was silly.