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AT&T, Apple Randomly Canceling iPhone 4 Orders

Apple said it was the biggest first day of preorders the company had ever had, and there were likely plenty of people disappointed they didn't get a chance to reserve themselves an iPhone. However, some of the folks who thought they were lucky enough to get one are disappointed too. It looks like Apple and AT&T are randomly canceling preorders with no explanation.

Last week there was word that some people were having their preorders canceled by AT&T without any notice. At the time, it was said that this was because some people had accidentally ordered more than one iPhone 4 by clicking submit too many times. However, an increasing number of people are receiving emails and it looks like some of them only ordered one iPhone in the first place.

Gizmodo reports that it has received multiple tips from readers regarding the issue. Despite an email from someone purporting to be an AT&T rep explaining that only extra preorders are being canceled, some readers say that even though they only ordered one phone, only one iPhone 4 showed up on their bill and their contract with AT&T was renewed for two more years, they still received an email to say their order had been canceled.

One reader way down in the comments of the Giz piece says he knows why it's happening. After speaking with both Apple and AT&T (at the same time because he was sick of getting the run around), he discovered that the two are canceling some orders because they've run out of phones.

"After spending around 2 hours going back and forth between Apple and AT&T I have finally found the answer people. To find out this truth, I had to have a manager representative from both Apple and at&t on a 3 way conference call. This is why my pre-order was CANCELLED. It wasn't because I had paid with a debit card, or had paid my bill a few days late.It was because Apple and AT&T sold me a phone that did not exist. They physically ran out of phones to sell, and booked too many pre-orders to fulfill. AT&T said this, and I quote:"We received over 600,000 pre-orders for the new iPhone 4, and you ordered yours on the 16th. Unfortunately we don't have extra phones for the people who ordered this late into the pre-order and you will receive an e-mail anywhere from June 24th to July 1st stating when the new iPhone is again ready for order"Kind of shady isn't it? I had a delivery date, $248.00 was taken from my bank account and my service has been renewed another 2 years without an iPhone 4 to show for it. Im glad to have gotten the straight answer I was looking for, but this is a SERIOUS fuckup on AT&T's end and I even blame Apple for letting me order this phone when no stock was available. TL;DRIf your iPhone 4 order got cancelled for no reason, it's because they ran out of iPhones and you ordered too late."

Still no official word from AT&T or Apple on this but we'll keep your posted.