Cadillac to Build Sexy Volt-Based Electric Coupe

The problem with the Volt is that its sex appeal can fade quickly as it turns into a car that is much more about driving from A to B very efficiently rather than actually enjoying the ride.

GM has been working on this issue and now confirmed that it will be releasing a coupe based on the Volt. It will debut as the Cadillac ELR, most likely as a 2014 model. The design language fits nicely to the current CTS as well as upcoming XTS luxury sedan. If you don't like the current CTS coupe (which is hard to resist when equipped with the 556 hp V8), you may complain about the massive rear of the ELR as well. But I believe that the ELR is the sexiest car Cadillac has designed in decades and it may not have a difficult time to find interested buyers.

There was no information on price, of course, and we did not get any specs other than the ELR will also integrate a T-shaped lithium-ion block (like the Volt) as well as a four-cylinder combustion engine that will be used to charge the battery. Like the Volt, the ELR's drivetrain will entirely rely on the electric motor and use the gasoline unit as a range extender. The ELR's shape will call for more than 149 hp that is available in the Volt, but that would also mean that this vehicle will not be particularly cheap.

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