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PS4 vs. Xbox One (2013): Which Console Wins?

Video Capture/Editing

On the Xbox One, GameDVD, allows players to record 5 minutes of video of gameplay at a time. Compare that to PlayStation’s video capture service that records up to 15 minutes of gameplay.

However, the Xbox One makes up for the shorter timeframe with Upload Studio, a rather sophisticated video editing service. Ambitious gamers can trim video and add voiceovers, picture-in-picture commentary and custom skins to their recorded clips.

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The most the PS4 offers is a simple trim feature. However, videos created on PS4 can be shared to Facebook and Twitter while Xbox One clips are stuck within the confines of the Xbox Live community.

Winner: Xbox One

Although Xbox One offers a shorter record time, the accompanying editing features more than make up for it. We’re just hoping that Microsoft will expand video posting options to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch in the very near future.

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