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How to Create a Checklist in iOS 9 Notes

Notes has undergone a significant upgrade in iOS 9. What used to be just a place to jot down plaintext thoughts now boasts a slew of additional capabilities, among them the ability to easily and quickly create checklists of items.

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The next time you want to include a to-do list of items in your next note, here's how.

1. Open the Notes app. If necessary, tap one of your notes folders.

2. Tap the Compose button in the bottom right to create a new note.

3. Tap the Plus (+) button just above the keyboard to the right to create a checklist item.

4. Tap the checkbox button. It's the first from the left on the toolbar that pops up.

5. Enter some text.

6. Tap Return to enter another checklist item. If you don't want the subsequent item to be a checkbox, just tap Return again.

7. Tap Done when you're done creating your checklist. To make an unformatted line into a checkbox, just move the cursor to that line, tap the Plus (+) button and tap the checkbox button.

8. Tap the checkbox next to any item to mark it off your list.

You may need to upgrade your notes before you can use the rich text features of iOS 9's Notes app, but be aware that you won't be able to sync your notes with any iOS devices not running iOS 9 or Macs not running OS X El Capitan.