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Here's the First Android Phone to Play Fortnite at 60fps

Fortnite has long been a staple of the Google Play Store but one of the biggest bugbears of the game on Android is that you can’t currently play it at 60fps.

Those playing the game on iOS devices already have this functionality but it’s finally coming to Android and soon, with the Honor View 20 being the first compatible handset.

According to Honor, when the feature is launched you will be able to get an average 59.3fps during the game, with a 2.2 percent jitter rate and 0.2 percent low frame rate.

After announcing the Fortnite link-up during the keynote unveiling of the Honor View 20 in Paris, President of Honor, George Zhao, spoke exclusively to Tom’s Guide and TechRadar and revealed a bit more about the team-up, and why you will need an Honor View 20, if you want the 60fps functionality.

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 “Epic [Fortnite’s creator] understands that Honor is eager to improve the game experience. Our business development team spent a long time collaborating with them,” noted Zhao.

“After the GPU Turbo and Kirin 970 chip was released, they understood the quality level was good and that our products make a lot of effort on the gaming side."

“We also worked with GameLoft before [this], so we have a very good record. Epic also knows that we are a promoter of improving the performance of games [on phones]. That’s why they selected Honor as a partner and also gave us an exclusive Fortnite skin as well.”

As for when we will see 60fps on Android land, we didn’t get exact dates but it’s “very soon,” according to Zhao.

“Our phone is all ready for Fornite at 60fps,” he revealed.

“The functions and the features are already verified and tested. “We are just waiting for the launch date, which is very soon! We will be the first for Android at 60fps.”

  • jonhgaarg
    60 fps? impressive!
  • techgirl03
    Fortnite is most definitely NOT on the Google Play Store! What universe is this writer living in? Poor journalistic standards!