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HoloLens Can Beam Xbox One Games to Your Wall

If you want to play some Xbox One but your significant other is hogging the TV, why not just beam your game to your wall? That's a future we might be living in soon, according to a new video that shows Microsoft's augmented-reality HoloLens headset streaming a game of Halo 5 onto a blank surface in the living room.

The video was posted by HoloLens project manager Varun Mani, who starts off by unassumingly playing some Halo on his TV. He then pauses the game and turns to a blank wall, where HoloLens has projected a holographic screen displaying the same game session. The game looks just about as crisp as it would on a TV, and, as we've seen at previous HoloLens demonstrations, Mani is able to freely move the holographic screen around via motion controls in order to find the perfect spot.

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Seeing Halo 5 being played on a wall is pretty trippy, but it also makes a ton of sense. Mani appears to be beaming the Windows 10 Xbox app to his wall, which already allows you to stream Xbox One games to any Windows 10 PC. HoloLens simply makes that game streaming more mobile, allowing you to theoretically play your Xbox One games anywhere in the house. Bathroom breaks might never be the same.

While Xbox One game streaming is neat, we've already seen more exciting examples of HoloLens' gaming potential. Previous demos have showcased the headset's ability to put an interactive Minecraft world right on your coffee table, as well as turn an ordinary room into a real-life Halo ship.

Perhaps it's only a matter of time before we're engaging in full-on Halo firefights in our living rooms. Microsoft plans on releasing a HoloLens developer kit sometime in 2016, which will hopefully inspire plenty of cool augmented reality experiences ahead of the headset's eventual mainstream launch.