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Dell's New All-in-One Packs 10-Speaker Soundbar

Now that all-in-one PCs have become as slim as monitors and as powerful as full towers, the next frontier is for them to achieve great audio. That's the focus of the new Dell XPS 27, which features a built-in soundbar with a whopping 10 speakers in addition to a crisp 4K display.

Key Specs and Features

  • The XPS 27's integrated soundbar features 10 speakers that deliver an impressive 50 watts of sound per channel. The speakers were tuned by Grammy-winning producer Jack Joseph Puig, a fact that should appeal to the audiophile crowd.
  • Dell's desktop packs a 27-inch, 3840 x 2160 touch display that promises 100 percent Adobe RGB color. That makes it a good fit for those looking to do some design work on a big, colorful 4K screen.

Early Impressions

  • I got to listen to the XPS 27's speakers in a soundproof room, where Dell representatives compared the PC's sound side-by-side with an Apple iMac. The XPS' sound was significantly louder and clearer than that of Apple's desktop, whether I was listening to the plucks of an acoustic guitar or the thumping bass of a Justin Bieber track. I was also impressed by the speaker's directionality, which allowed me to clearly hear which sounds were coming from the left, right and center.
  • The XPS 27's 4K screen is bright, colorful and very responsive to touch.
  • During Dell's CES 2017 press conference, a member of electronic music group GlitchMob used the all-in-one to perform a brief song. The sheer volume of the speakers was impressive, as was just how responsive the screen was when being used as a virtual keyboard.

Why You Should Care

All-in-one PCs rarely have impressive speakers, which makes the XPS 27's inclusion of a full-on soundbar significant. When you factor in its 4K touch display, you have a machine that could be equally useful for home entertainment as it would be for professional audio and visual work.

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Pricing, Availability and Outlook

The XPS 27 is available now starting at $1,499. While its feature set is compelling, it has some serious competition in the form of HP's $1,729 Envy Curved All-in-One 34, which has a curved, ultra-wide display and a more attractive-looking soundbar built into the base. We look forward to seeing how both audio-minded all-in-ones stack up during everyday use, so keep an eye out for our full reviews.