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Apple Watch Could Get AirPods-Style Charging Case

With Apple's AirPower charging mat scheduled to come late this year, we're expecting a wireless charging case for AirPods to come sooner rather than later. But a patent granted to Apple hints that we may soon see a similar case for another device: the Apple Watch. The patent, which you can see in full here, was first reported on by 9to5Mac.

This case isn't just for the watch -- it's also for the bands. It's possible that those will need charging in the future.

The case "can further include circuitry that can charge the one or more bands stored in the case if those bands have electronic components, such as circuitry, sensors and/or batteries, that also require power," the patent reads. That suggests there may be bands with purposes other than looking fancy. Perhaps they'll contain extra batteries, or maybe the long-rumored heart-rate monitor.

While a couple of watchbands to improve battery life have shown up on sites like Kickstarter, none have become huge successes, and Apple's current bands are just for fashion.

Apple currently includes a magnetic charging puck with each Apple Watch, and the watches will likely be compatible with AirPower on their own. But a case like this could be great for sticking in a backpack to get a quick boost while commuting, so perhaps there will be a market for this among diehard users.