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Apple Watch Series 2: Waterproof, GPS, and a Super-Bright Screen

Apple's new smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 2, will go on sale later this year starting at $369. Here's a look at its specs and features.

Design and Display

The second-generation Apple Watch still has the same square design as the original, but is now swim-proof (water-resistant to 50 meters), as opposed to the mere splash-proofness of the first Apple Watch. It will also be able to track swimmers' laps in the pool.

It also has a display that's rated at 1000 nits, which is eye-searingly bright, but will make it a lot easier to see the screen in sunlight.

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More Powerful Processor

The Series 2 has a new dual core processor that's 50 percent faster than the original, as well as a GPU that's twice as powerful.


Built-in GPS in the Series 2 means that you'll no longer have to tote your iPhone with you when you go for a run, as the watch will be able to track your position itself.

Watch OS 3

The Apple Watch 2 will run Watch OS 3, with apps that launch instantly, more easily-swappable watch faces, double-tapping messages to respond quickly, activity sharing, and a Breathe app that helps watch wearers learn to calm themselves by breathing deeply. In addition, a new feature will let you call emergency services and contacts even faster.

Ceramic Case

In addition to aluminum and stainless steel, the Apple Watch Series 2 will be offered with a ceramic case.

Special Nike Edition

Apple partnered with Nike for a runner-specific Apple Watch, called the Watch Nike+. This mode will have a perforated band that's available in rather bright colors, such as black and neon green.

Just Do It Sundays will encourage runners to get out and go for a run on Sundays. In addition, you'll also be entered in the Nike Run Club, which provides access to live runs around the world.

Battery Life?

There was no mention made of the Series 2's battery life, which leads us to think that it will be the same as the original. However, a brighter display and built-in GPS will definitely affect its endurance.

Availability and Pricing

The Apple Watch Series 2 will start at $369, and be available for pre-order on Sept. 9. The Nike+ model won't be available until late October, though.

In addition, the original Apple Watch will be rebranded as the Series 1, and get an upgrade to the same processor as the Series 2, and its starting price will drop to $269.