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iPhone SE 2 Leaked Video Looks Too Good to Be True

Apple is rumored to be working on a new iPhone SE model. And now a video leak suggests it could get a major redesign. That is, if the report is true.

A person on the Chinese website Weibo has leaked a video showing what the person says is the iPhone SE 2. The video, which spans more than 30 seconds, shows a device that looks similar to the iPhone X, but is bulkier and thicker than Apple's handset. It has a big screen that nearly covers its face and a notch at the top.

On the rear, the iPhone has dual vertically aligned cameras, which is the first sign this could be a fake. Apple has reserved dual cameras so far for its most premium handsets, including the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus. The regular iPhone 8 has a single camera.

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All the physical buttons you'd expect to see in an iPhone are there, including power and volume rockers. And the software running on the handset appears to be iOS 11. Animations running on the software are all spot-on, as well.

However, the folks over at Phone Arena, which earlier reported on the leak, have correctly identified some problems. Chief among them is a lock icon that remains on the screen after the first unlock. And although the smartphone looks like the real thing, there's reason to believe it's a fake that might be running iOS.

Credit: Weibo/Phonearena

(Image credit: Weibo/Phonearena)

Apple's been rumored to be working on a new version of its budget iPhone SE that could hit store shelves this year. Still, the company hasn't confirmed that's the case and there's a chance that it could stick to its same design.

The current iPhone SE's appeal is its low price tag. As of this writing, Apple's budget-friendly handset costs just $349 unlocked — a far sight from its iPhone X's $999 starting price.

Apple Insider calls this video "highly questionable," partly because the TrueDepth sensor and other hardware up front that would necessitate a notch would make this iPhone SE 2 too expensive for the masses. The site also says that that the somewhat bulky dimensions of the device in the video could simply be due to someone slapping a case on the iPhone X.

So, we're probably looking at a handset in the video that either isn't the iPhone SE 2 or is a fake. Either way, don't expect Apple to deliver an iPhone X-style design for its cheapest smartphone.

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