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Android TV Controller Images Leaked

Google's continued attack on the living room continues with a new set of images leaks of a rumored Android TV gaming controller. The pictures via Artem Russakovskii show the black controller in box looking like a cross between the On-Live and Ouya controllers.

Reddit user bedofgoatturds also found images inside the official Android L SDK providing high-res pictures of the controller and buttons.

This points to more than just a prototype, but Google may still make changes before Android TV's official release. Clearly visible in the pics are a standard layout consisting of d-pad, dual analog sticks, four face buttons and Android-centric Home and Back buttons. Pictures of the individual buttons make no mention of triggers located on the back of the controller, meaning users will likely need to rely solely on the two shoulder buttons along the top.

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The controller will be a crucial component in Google's attempt to spread the Android ecosystem to the living room. The Ouya gaming-focused Android console made a name for itself after raising over $8 million on Kickstarter, but struggled to gain mainstream adoption due largely to its lackluster controller.

One interesting omission on the Android TV controller is some form of touchpad, like the one seen on Playstation's Dualshock 4 controller. This may limit the controllers use in games like "Plants Vs. Zombies" that rely heavily on touch input, necessitating the use of your phone or tablet to mimic virtual controls.

Major gaming company Razer has already announced a micro-console based on Android TV, but made no mention if it plans to use this controller or develop its own.

While there is yet to be a firm release date specified for Android TV, Google did say it was coming within the year. Google may be targeting a fall release to capitalize on the void in new hardware this year with Sony and Microsoft having launched new consoles last holiday season.

Via Artem Russakovskii and Reddit user bedofgoatturds

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